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Welcome to Inside the League 2.0.    Inside the League’s Neil Stratton has served as an advisor to schools from the Big Ten, ACC, WAC, Conference USA and Pac-10, as well as a perennial Division I-AA championship contender. -

I am Pursuing NFLPA Certification

So what’s ITL?

Good question. It’s a little tricky. The way I always describe ITL is as a consultancy for people in the game of football – agents, financial planners, combine trainers, parents of players, some scouts, some coaches, and a smattering of others in the game.

We’re blessed to work with the agents for about two-thirds of the players active in the NFL, as well as most of the top financial planners, trainers and the like. The thing all our clients have in common is that, one way or another, they are all affiliated with the game of football on the college or pro level.

Though we're a consultancy, we've gained a pretty wide audience within sports media. We've been quoted in the New York Times. We've been cited by Yahoo! Sports. We've won plaudits from the widely read Darren Heitner of Sports Agent Blog and Forbes.com. We're not agents, and never have been, but we feel there's no greater authority on the football representation business.

Of course, ‘consultant’ can be a pretty broad term. What does it mean? Well, the NFL can be a very insular place. Sometimes it helps to have a wing man. We walk with our subscribers every step of the way, offering:


But even with all these features, there’s nothing more convincing than the testimonies of our valued clients. Here’s what a number of agents say, all certified last year, and all comments unsolicited:

"Neil, I never thanked you!!! I AM DOING IT NOW!! As a result of my membership with ITL I not only landed a player from the spreadsheet you sent me, but he signed as an UDFA with the Jets, Terrence Miller. AGAIN THANKS!!!!”

~Dr. James Gilmore, Bayard Sports

"Thanks for your help man. Got my first player. Will get the contract tonight.Bryan Shepherd to the Washington Redskins. I don’t know what else to say. Crazy. Can’t thank you for your guidance enough.”

~Michael Gust, Anderson Bottrell


"Hey man, just wanted to let you know that your past few newsletters on frustrating time of the year have been spot on for me and exactly what I needed to read! Glad to know it’s not just me. Keep up the good work!”

~Adam Warren, Alpha Sports & Entertainment


"The information you shared has been immensely valuable....incredibly informative reading for a new agent!!”

~Patrice Brown, Purpose-Based Sports (reps Bills LB Preston Brown, 3/73 in ’14)

"Got a verbal agreement . . . ! Thanks for all your help. . . Thanks again, bud. Honestly, I’m not sure we could have pulled it off w/o your guidance.”

~Scott Weitz, Rezin Sports

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