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Welcome to Inside the League 2.0.    Inside the League’s Neil Stratton has served as an advisor to schools from the Big Ten, ACC, WAC, Conference USA and Pac-10, as well as a perennial Division I-AA championship contender. -

I am the Parent of a Prospect

I am the parent of a prospect

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Making all the decisions that come with pursuing a career in pro football can be tricky. Where is the best place to start? We suggest with us.

Quality Clientele

Top combine trainers, agents, financial planners, marketing professionals, and everyone else who works behind the scenes to make pro football go are our clients. We don't recommend, of course, but we help guide you as you hit dead ends or snags along the way.

Just a Phone Call Away

What's more, as part of our basic service, we're on 24-hour call for our clients, always just a phone call away when situations arise. You are important to us, and we want to make sure you help your son make all the right moves.


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