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If you’re taking the NFL agent exam in Washington, D.C., in the near future, you’ve come to the right place. Though the passage rate for the exam since 2015 has hovered at less than 50 percent, those who use our practice exam (which we debuted in 2012) have passed at a rate of 70-75 percent. Here are comments from some of our users, all unsolicited, on the value of our practice exam:

  • "Reading (ITL’s) materials leading up to it was a tremendous help for sure. I wouldn’t have passed it If not for the (ITL) study guide and practice exam."
  • "I took ITL's practice exam beforehand and the questions prepared me for the types and complexities of questions that were on the exam."
  • "At first, I was just literally reading the CBA from front to back and the booklet they sent us. Then I got the (study guide) from (ITL), and that really helped me focus on things, and then the practice exam."

We’ve also received testimonials from many of our former clients on Twitter. Among endorsements we’ve received are from Evan Brennan (UA Sports, 2013 agent class), Shane Costa (Generation Sports Group, 2014 agent class), Murphy McGuire (Octagon Football, 2015 agent class), Adam Seifer (Enter-Sports, 2016 agent class), Austin Wilson (Vanguard Sports, 2019 agent class) and many more.

Starting in 2018, we began offering a second practice exam for those who purchased the first one. Cost for Practice Exam 1 is $150 (plus tax) for Inside the League clients and $200 (plus tax) for non-ITL clients. Practice Exam 2 is $100 (plus tax) for non-ITL clients and $75 (plus tax) for ITL clients, and can only be purchased after Practice Exam 1 has been purchased.

Our practice exams are part of the ITL website, but not part of the basic service, and require a separate registration and login for each entity (ITL basic service, Practice Exam 1 and Practice Exam 2). All three logins can be the same, but must be entered separately; each has its own database.

Register here for Practice Exam 1. Once you've registered and you arrive at the pay wall, select the appropriate payment option. Register here for Practice Exam 2.

You can register for ITL here. It’s $29.95/mo, and you can cancel at any time. Once you register, and we’ve confirmed your pay status, we’ll activate you. Email us at nstratton@insidetheleague.com once you’ve completed registration if there’s a delay.

If you have already purchased Practice Exam 1, and would like a little extra practice by signing up for Practice Exam 2, you can register here. Once again, we’ll have to confirm your pay status before activating you, but once you’re activated, you'll be up and running.

Once you’ve registered, paid and been activated, it’s important you log into the correct place.

  • Log into Practice Exam 1 here.
  • Log into Practice Exam 2 here.
  • Log into Inside the League here.

We also offer a study guide ($300 plus tax) that we highly recommend you purchase before taking the practice exam. You'll find it expertly lays out what you need to know and really trims down the CBA to its most important aspects. To order it, pay here and we’ll send it along when we've confirmed your payment status.
We hope we’ve made everything clear, but if you have further questions, please email us at nstratton@insidetheleague.com. We’re honored to work with you, and excited to have you as part of the ITL family!


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